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Sunday School

We, your Sunday School volunteers, are looking forward to an exciting year as we focus on learning and growing in our love for the Lord.  The theme chosen for this year is “Jesus is the light that lights our way”. This theme is based on the text found in John 8:12 which feeds us the truth that HE is the light of the world and that following HIM will keep us from darkness and give us the light of life.

We will delight in watching your child develop in maturity and depth of biblical understanding as we teach the classes each week.  Once again we are using “Faith Alive” curriculum for all classes, which is our denominational curriculum.  We pledge to devote time to prepare and present the truths of God’s Word each week to them.   We also have pledged to pray for your children, and are willing to help you in their training and in understanding their individual needs in whatever way we can.

Each class is geared toward the child’s age level, teaching your child where he or she Is and helping your child learn more about God and growing a deeper relationship with Him. Our teachers have all completed background checks and are committed to sharing the love and knowledge of Jesus with your child. We meet every Sunday morningstarting in September and going until the middle if May at 9:15 am in the education building.