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Adult Sunday School


DISCOVER AND USE YOUR SPIRITUAL GIFT!: If you are like many believers, you either don’t know or have a hazy idea of what God’s special spiritual gift to you is.  And in spirit of what you may have thought, you only have one spiritual gift.   If you don’t know what your spiritual gift is, how can you effectively use it in serving the Lord? Unfortunately, there is a lot of ignorance and error surrounding the subject of spiritual gifts. In this 13-lesson class taught by Dr. Neil Bauman, you will discover what the Bible teaches about  spiritual gifts, what your spiritual gift is and suitable ministries in which you can use your spiritual gift.  Jesus said, “I chose you to bear fruit” (John 15:16). Join us starting Sunday, September 10 in the church office from 9:15-10:10 am, as together we discover the joy of being transformed from  “pew potatoes” to  fruit producers. Each participant  will receive a copy of Neil’s book on spiritual gifts. 

IMPORTANT QUESTIONS THAT DESERVE ANSWERS: How do we know the Bible is really the Word of God? Won’t devout people from all faiths go to heaven?  If the word “Trinity” isn’t in the Bible, why is this doctrine essential to salvation?  Do I really need to go to church to be saved? Does livestreaming church count?  Has God already determined who’s going to heaven and to hell? Join Pastor Ben and Matt Hogan starting Sunday, September 10 in the Church Basement from 9:15-10:10 am, as we open God’s Word together to respond to these and many more tough questions that demand answers. The Belgic Confession will guide our study of the Bible in this discussion-oriented class. Weekly study guides will be provided to equip and encourage your discussion and reflection on His Word at home during the week.