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Dinner for 8


  Connecting is a wonderful thing!

There is a desire in all of us to make a connection with at least one individual. And if you’ve been attending here for long you know that 2nd loves to connect and get to know you!!

We at 2nd believe it is one of the blessings we can offer each other through the Dinner for 8 Ministry.

What is it? An opportunity to show and share hospitality. Simply put, Dinners for 8 is an opportunity to have dinner with other people in the church. A relaxing, enjoyable time to get to know others and establish a connection.

When you see an announcement in the bulletin for a dinners of 8 event, you sign up at the table near the mailboxes, then wait for a phone call from your host or hostess inviting you to their home and asking you to provide part of the meal. It couldn’t be more simple!

Everyone—singles, couples, young and old—is welcome to join in. Just sign up and sit back as you wait for your phone call.