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Adult Sunday School


Pastor Ben is eager to lead us in a study of God’s Word using the ol’ HC as our guide. Our time together in the SANCTUARY BASEMENT will include prayer, singing, study and discussion of God’s Word regarding what we believe and why. Weekly study guides will be provided to encourage you in God’s Word. We begin with a study of the Apostles' Creed. We meet every Sunday morning in the church basement at 9:15 am.


Join Sandy and Bill VanZonneveld each week at 9:15 AM in the OFFICE BUILDING as they facilitate a discussion digging deeply into the same material as our children and young people - God's provision of the promised land and the people's struggles with faith. In this class you will:

· Receive a digital daily devotional for you and your family.

· Discover Christ and the Gospel in Numbers through Ruth

· Be equipped to engage your family in devotions