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Church Facilities


Worship Center
The “church” building on the corner of Front and Eighth streets has been the place of worship for our church    family since 1920. It has been remodeled several times, the last of which was in 2010 when we renovated it to make it more accessible to community members. We have an elevator that goes from the ground level to either the sanctuary level or the basement level where our fellowship hall is located. We have a handicapped-accessible bathroom on the sanctuary level as well as men’s and women’s bathrooms on the lower level.
Education building
Across Eighth Street and with the sign out front is our education building. In addition to classrooms for our Sunday School children from 3 years old through middle school, we also have a large fellowship room where we hold meetings and social events for the church family and a variety of community groups. Our GEMS girls club and Cadets boys club also meet on alternating Monday evenings during the school year in the education building.
Church Office
The “house” just north of the education building and kitty-corner to the worship center is our church office, where our pastoral staff and secretary have offices. Remodeled in 2014, the entrance to the building is now on 8th Street, with plenty of parking by the front door.
One of the benefits of our newly remodeled worship center was to move our nursery from the education building back into the worship center. We have rooms for both infants and toddlers in the basement with bathrooms and water fountains nearby.
Because most of our city’s businesses observe Sundays as a day for worship and rest, there is plenty of parking on Sundays. In addition to street parking around the church, there is a parking lot we share with the bank, the Grandiflora parking lot and parking around our education building and church office. Accessible parking spaces also are reserved on the west side of the church near the entrances.
All of our buildings—the worship center, education building and church office—are accessible with ramps to get into each building. The worship center also has an elevator that goes from the ground level to the sanctuary level and the basement level to our fellowship hall and nursery. Our sanctuary also has space in the pews available for wheelchairs.