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About Us


As a congregation, we commit ourselves to:

  • Biblical preaching and Reformed worship.
  • Worship services that promote lay participation with flexibility of style and structure.
  • Ministries that support and develop the spiritual growth of all members, disciple believers of all levels of spiritual maturity, and equip them for their ministry according to their spiritual gifts.
  • Reaching out with the Gospel to unbelievers in our local area and supporting the mission work of the Christian Reformed Church and other agencies.
  • Welcoming and accepting all people into our fellowship and assimilating new members into our congregation.



Our Sunday morning and evening services focus on God's Word and our response to it. In addition to our pastor's sermon, we respond with a variety of music, prayer and offerings that involve people of all ages. We also have our baptisms during morning services, and often give time to missionaries and others to testify how God is at work.

In our worship services each year we observe the special holy days of the Christian Church, including Christmas, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Ascension Day and Pentecost Sunday. Our church also gathers for worship on national holidays such as the National Day of Prayer, Thanksgiving Day and New Year's Eve.

Each summer we also hold an outdoor service on the shores of Birch Bay. And occasionally, the Christian Reformed churches of Whatcom County or other community churches join together for worship.



To build a spiritual family that demonstrates a love for God and a love for our neighbors locally and around the world, the focus of our Second Family will be to model the love of Jesus Christ :

  • In our church — through worship, discipleship, and ministries, provided for and by each person.
  • In our community — through regular service projects for those with physical needs, regular fellowship events for those with relational needs, and regular invitations for those with spiritual needs.
  • In our world — through the expanding support of missionaries and mission programs, and through the encouragement and support of our people to extend themselves in kingdom services.